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Village Showcase

Village Showcase is a talent show dedicated to promoting youth development through the use of performance. The Village Showcase creates out of school, educational and performing arts activities for the community.  The talent show is a vital tool that will help youths in the inner city connect with adults in the community.  Performers can sing, dance or rap.  The talent showcase attracts all ages and is open to the entire community from toddlers to seniors.  This provides an opportunity for people to learn about our organization.  This format allows for youth and seniors to bridge the gap to come together and create positive relations and examples in the community.  Education doesn’t just happen in school.  A learning experience can happen anywhere you go.  Adult and youth volunteers work together to conduct community outreach to produce auditions and shows.  In the Village Showcase, everyone who auditions makes it into the show.  There is no fee for Showcase performers.  There is a donation fee for show guest.  The funds raised are you to support ITAV programs and services.

All White Linen Affair

An All White Linen Affair is an annual social event that brings together local businesses and the community for an entertaining evening.  For a donation guest will enjoy live jazz, celebrity entertainment and dancing.  Generous sponsorship and volunteer support have made past events successful and a vital event for securing funds to support ITAV programs.  The guest are entertained while they are educated about It Takes A Village.  The theme of the party is white linen and guest are encouraged to dress in all white linen.  This theme was chosen because white stands for purity, white is elegant, non-political, non-combative and makes people look beautiful.  Experience have shown guest enjoyed themed events. 


Or visit one of the businesses below.

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