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ITAV goal is provide a home for pregnant teenagers. We would reach out to pregnant teens that need a safe place to live during their pregnancy.  Residential facilities for pregnant teens are severely limited both locally and nationally.  While living in the home, each young woman continues her education, learns about nutrition for herself and her baby, takes birthing classes, attends parenting classes and/or adoption counseling, attends worship, participates in cooking and exercise classes, experiences cultural and artistic activities, in addition to receiving the individual counsel and guidance needed to structure her life for success once she departs.  Our prayer is that the young women who complete our program are never the same as they were when they began the program.

Youth Outreach (Sports)

At least once each summer, we gather together at a local park for recreational activities and fun.  The youth of the neighborhood are usually drawn by our presence.  This provides an opportunity for us to introduce them to our organization while exercising and having fun.  The youth play a friendly game of softball and other games together. We usually have over 50 people participate in this activity.


Betterment Program

The Betterment Program is an academic intervention program held Monday - Thursday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm during the school year, and 10:30am -12:30pm during the summer.
Program includes:
• Homework assistance
• Tutoring with a fee
• Peer Tutoring - free
• CAHSEE Test Prep
• Computer lab and educational software
• Backpack drive – school supplies

Students in the Betterment Program get individualized or small group instruction on critical fundamental skills like reading, math, writing, vocabulary, science and social studies. Most of these students are already behind their grade-level standards and without early intervention they risk failing or dropping out of school.  Volunteers and staff keep progress reports from school teachers and parents to have a comprehensive understanding of what each child needs to grow and be successful.


The Pathfinder program provides career-planning services, volunteer opportunities and assistance with job placement for youth 16 – 24 years old.  This program assists young adults in transitioning from the school to the work force with comprehensive career guidance and education with the goal of turning these students away from the path of gangs, drugs, and violence to a more productive future.  Participants receive assistance with job readiness to employment services, college exploration, vocational training, financial education and work experience opportunities in the local community.

Dress for Success

Dress for success provides new or used clothing/shoe to participants for college or job interviews.  Many of our participants are economically challenged, or they’re in situations where they don’t have clothes.  The clothing/shoe drives will purchase new or collect new and gently worn, clean clothes or shoes from the community.  The clothes/shoes will be distributed on an as needed basis.  Items are displayed on racks, where clients can sort through items in search of what they need: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, coats and more.

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